FIXimatesm FIX Interactive Message And Tag Explorer

Version 3.1.4 (2010)

Generated on 2021-04-21Z:10:11:09.736Z

FIXimate is an interactive Web browser based reference for the FIX Specification. FIXimate can be used via the FIX Protocol Ltd. web server or it can be downloaded and used locally. FIXimate use is governed by the FIX Protocol Ltd. copyright and fair usage policy.

FIXimate has been generated from the FIX Specification Repository.

FIX Protocol Limited accepts no liability for any divergence between the output and the actual specification as represented by the FIX Repository, which is to be considered the ultimate authority for The FIX Specification.

This tool has been developed and tested using

Currently, Google Chrome has problems when displaying Fiximate 3.x directly from a local folder.

Report defects, feedback, or suggestions regarding FIXimate to the FIX discussion forum