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The RootParties component block is a version of the Parties component block used to provide root information regarding the owning and entering parties of a transaction.

Pedigree Added EP-1

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Field or ComponentField NameAbbr NameReq'dCommentsPedigree
Repeating Group 1116NoRootPartyIDs Repeating group below should contain unique combinations of RootPartyID, RootPartyIDSource, and RootPartyRoleAdded EP-1
1117RootPartyIDID Used to identify source of RootPartyID. Required if RootPartyIDSource is specified. Required if NoRootPartyIDs > 0.Added EP-1
1118RootPartyIDSourceSrc Used to identify class source of RootPartyID value (e.g. BIC). Required if RootPartyID is specified. Required if NoRootPartyIDs > 0.Added EP-1
1119RootPartyRoleR Identifies the type of RootPartyID (e.g. Executing Broker). Required if NoRootPartyIDs > 0.Added EP-1
2388RootPartyRoleQualifierQual Added EP179
ComponentRootSubPartiesSub Repeating group of RootParty sub-identifiers.Added EP-1
end Repeating Group

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