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This component specifies the details of a payment between the parties involved.

Pedigree Added EP249

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Field or ComponentField NameAbbr NameReq'dCommentsPedigree
2824PostTradePaymentTypeTypYAdded EP249
2817PostTradePaymentAmountAmtYAdded EP249
2818PostTradePaymentCurrencyCcy Added EP249
2956PostTradePaymentCurrencyCodeSourceCcySrc Added EP273
2825PostTradePaymentCalculationDateCalcDtYThe date payment calculations are made. This may be earlier than the date in ClearingBusinessDate(715).
When the report is sent unsolicited, this is the payment calculation date as determined by report sender.
Added EP249
2826PostTradePaymentValueDateValuDtYThe date the payment is legally confirmed to settle.Added EP249
2827PostTradePaymentFinalValueDateFnlValuDt The actual payment date in the event it differs from the date specified in PostTradePaymentValueDate(2826).Added EP249
2819PostTradePaymentDebitOrCreditDbtCrdYAdded EP249
2816PostTradePaymentAccountAcctYAdded EP249
2821PostTradePaymentIDID Added EP249
2820PostTradePaymentDescDesc Added EP249
2815EncodedPostTradePaymentDescLenEncDescLen Must be set if EncodedPostTradePaymentDesc(2814) field is specified and must immediately precede it.Added EP249
2814EncodedPostTradePaymentDescEncDesc Encoded (non-ASCII characters) representation of the PostTradePaymentDesc(2820) field in the encoded format specified via the MessageEncoding(347) field.Added EP249
2822PostTradePaymentLinkIDLinkID Added EP249
2823PostTradePaymentStatusStat Used when PayReportTransType(2804)=2 (Status) to report actual payment status from payment service (i.e. after payment or remittance instruction with payment service).Added EP249

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