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The ProvisionCashSettlPaymentFixedDateGrp is a repeating component within the ProvisionCashSettlPaymentDates component used to report fixed cash settlement payment dates defined in the provision.


Pedigree Added EP161

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Field or ComponentField NameAbbr NameReq'dCommentsPedigree
Repeating Group 40473NoLegProvisionCashSettlPaymentDates Added EP161
40474LegProvisionCashSettlPaymentDateDt Required if NoLegProvisionCashSettlPaymentDates (40473) > 0.Added EP161
40475LegProvisionCashSettlPaymentDateTypeTyp When specified it applies not only to the current date but to all subsequent dates in the group until overridden with a new type.Added EP161
end Repeating Group

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