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The ComplexEventScheduleGrp is a subcomponent of ComplexEventPeriodGrp for specifying a periodic schedule for an Asian, Barrier or Strike Schedule option feature.

Pedigree Added EP169

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Field or ComponentField NameAbbr NameReq'dCommentsPedigree
Repeating Group 41031NoComplexEventSchedules Added EP169
41032ComplexEventScheduleStartDateStartDt Required if NoComplexEventSchedules(41031) > 0.Added EP169
41033ComplexEventScheduleEndDateEndDt Added EP169
41034ComplexEventScheduleFrequencyPeriodFreqPeriod Conditionally required when ComplexEventScheduleFrequencyUnit(41035) is specified.Added EP169
41035ComplexEventScheduleFrequencyUnitFreqUnit Conditionally required when ComplexEventScheduleFrequencPeriod(41034) is specified.Added EP169
41036ComplexEventScheduleRollConventionRoll When specified, this overrides the date roll convention defined in the DateAdjustment component in Instrument. The specified values would be specific to this instance of the schedule.Added EP169
end Repeating Group

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