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Specifies the type of trade identifier provided in RegulatoryTradeID(1903).
Contextual hierarchy of events for the same trade or transaction maybe captured through use of the different RegulatoryTradeIDType(1906) values using multiple instances of the repeating group as needed for regulatory reporting.



The default if not specified.

Added EP161 [Current]


The previous trade's identifier when reporting a cleared trade or novation of a previous trade.

Added EP161 [Previous]


The block trade's identifier when reporting an allocated subtrade.

Added EP161 [Block]


The related trade identifier when reporting a mixed swap.

Added EP161 [Related]

Cleared block trade

Assigned by the CCP to a bunched order/trade when it needs to be cleared with the standby clearing firm prior to post-trade allocation.

Added EP192 [ClearedBlockTrade]

Trading venue transaction identifier

Assigned by the trading venue to a transaction. In the context of ESMA RTS 22 and RTS 24, this is an unique transaction identification number generated by trading venues and disseminated to both the buying and selling parties in accordance with Article 12 of [RTS 24 on the maintenance of relevant data relating to orders in financial instruments under Article 25 of Regulation 600/2014 EU]. (quoted text from RTS 22). Uniqueness may be defined per relevant regulations.

Added EP222 [TradingVenueTransactionIdentifier]

Report tracking number

In the context of EMIR Refit this is a unique code assigned to the execution of an order and common for a group of reports related to the same execution (see Q28 in Also referred to as the RTN.

Added EP284 [ReportTrackingNumber]
Added EP161 Updated EP222

Used in fields:
[AllocRegulatoryTradeIDType] [RegulatoryTradeIDType] [SideRegulatoryTradeIDType]