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Specifies how the transaction was executed, e.g. via an automated execution platform or other method.


Undefined/unspecified - (default when not specified)

In the context of Market Model Typology (MMT), this value represents an off book non-automated transaction type.

Added EP186 Updated EP282 [Unspecified]


The transaction was executed in a manual or other non-automated manner, e.g. by voice directly between the counterparties. Also used to identify MTT code M Off Book Non-Automated.

Added EP186 Updated EP201 [Manual]


The transaction was executed on an automated execution platform such as an automated systematic internaliser system, broker crossing network, broker crossing system, dark pool trading, direct to capital systems, broker position unwind mechanisms, etc.

Added EP186 Updated EP228 [Automated]

Voice brokered

The transaction was negotiated by voice through an intermediary.

Added EP201 [VoiceBrokered]
Added EP186 Updated EP201

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