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The MarketDataFeedTypes component is used to specify the different available feed types and sub-types, and additional market data feed related attributes, such as the market depth of the specified feed type.

Pedigree Added EP-1 Updated EP195

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Field or ComponentField NameAbbr NameReq'dCommentsPedigree
Repeating Group 1141NoMDFeedTypes Added EP-1 Updated EP195
1022MDFeedTypeMDFeedTyp Required if NoMDFeedTypes(1141) > 0.Added EP-1 Updated EP195
1683MDSubFeedTypeMDSubFeedTyp Added EP106 Updated EP195
264MarketDepthMktDepth Specifies the depth of book (or levels of market depth) for the feed type.Added EP-1 Updated EP195
2563MarketDepthTimeIntervalMktDepthTmIntvl Conditionally required when MarketDepthTimeIntervalUnit(2564) is specified.Added EP195
2564MarketDepthTimeIntervalUnitMktDepthTmIntvlUnit Conditionally required when MarketDataTimeInterval(2563) is specified.Added EP195
2565MDRecoveryTimeIntervalMDRcvryTmIntvl Conditionally required when MDRecoveryTimeIntervalUnit(2566) is specified.Added EP195
2566MDRecoveryTimeIntervalUnitMDRcvryTmIntvlUnit Conditionally required when MDRecoveryTimeInterval(2565) is specified.Added EP195
1021MDBookTypeMDBkTyp Added EP-1 Updated EP195
1173MDSubBookTypeMDSubBkTyp Added EP195
2567PrimaryServiceLocationIDSvcLctnID1 Added EP195
2568SecondaryServiceLocationIDSvcLctnID2 Added EP195
end Repeating Group

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