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The Collateral Amount Group component block is a repeating group that provides the current value of the collateral type on deposit. The currency of the collateral value may be optionally included.

Pedigree Added EP117 Updated EP179

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Field or ComponentField NameAbbr NameReq'dCommentsPedigree
Repeating Group 1703NoCollateralAmounts Added EP117
1704CurrentCollateralAmountAmt Required if NoCollateralAmounts(1703) > 0.Added EP117 Updated EP197
1705CollateralCurrencyCcy Can be used to specify the currency of CollateralAmount(1704) if Currency(15) is not specified or is not the same.Added EP117 Updated EP192
2929CollateralCurrencyCodeSourceCcySrc Added EP273
2632CollateralAmountTypeAmtTyp Added EP197
2090CollateralFXRateFxRt Added EP162 Updated EP197
2091CollateralFXRateCalcFxRtCalc Added EP162 Updated EP197
1706CollateralTypeTyp Added EP117 Updated EP157
2092CollateralAmountMarketSegmentIDMktSegID Added EP162
2093CollateralAmountMarketIDMktID Added EP162
1902HaircutIndicatorHrctInd Added EP157
2350CollateralPortfolioIDPrtflioID Added EP179
2690CollateralPercentOveragePctOvrg Added EP227
2689CollateralMarketPriceMktPx Added EP227
2840CollateralReinvestmentRateRnvstmntRt May be used to specify the average reinvestment rate when there are multiple instances of the CollateralReinvestmentGrp.Added EP254
ComponentCollateralReinvestmentGrpCollRnvstmnt Added EP254
2841UnderlyingRefIDUndlyRefID May be used to indicate that this entry applies to the underlying collateral instrument being referenced by the value in UnderlyingID(2874).Added EP254
end Repeating Group

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