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The SideCollateralAmountGrp component block is a repeating group that provides the current value of the collateral type on deposit for a side of the trade report. The currency of the collateral value may be optionally included.

Pedigree Added EP227

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Field or ComponentField NameAbbr NameReq'dCommentsPedigree
Repeating Group 2691NoSideCollateralAmounts Added EP227
2702SideCurrentCollateralAmountAmt Required if NoSideCollateralAmounts(2691) > 0.Added EP227
2695SideCollateralCurrencyCcy Can be used to specify the currency of SideCollateralAmount(2702) if Currency(15) is not specified or is not the same.Added EP227
2930SideCollateralCurrencyCodeSourceCcySrc Added EP273
2694SideCollateralAmountTypeAmtTyp Added EP227
2696SideCollateralFXRateFxRt Added EP227
2697SideCollateralFXRateCalcFxRtCalc Added EP227
2701SideCollateralTypeTyp Added EP227
2693SideCollateralAmountMarketSegmentIDMktSegID Added EP227
2692SideCollateralAmountMarketIDMktID Added EP227
2703SideHaircutIndicatorHrctInd Added EP227
2700SideCollateralPortfolioIDPrtflioID Added EP227
2699SideCollateralPercentOveragePctOvrg Added EP227
2698SideCollateralMarketPriceMktPx Added EP227
2862SideCollateralReinvestmentRateRnvstmntRt When multiple instances of the SideCollateralReinvestmentGrp component are present this field specifies the average reinvestment rate.Added EP254
ComponentSideCollateralReinvestmentGrpCollRnvstmnt Added EP254
2863SideUnderlyingRefIDUndlyRefID May be used to indicate that this entry applies to the underlying collateral instrument being referenced by the value in UnderlyingID(2874).Added EP254
end Repeating Group

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