FIX.Latest_EP291 Message

MarketDefinitionRequest [type 'BT']


The Market Definition Request message is used to request for market structure information from the Respondent that receives this request.

Pedigree Added EP-1 Updated EP97

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Field or ComponentField NameAbbr NameReq'dCommentsPedigree
ComponentStandardHeaderHdrYMsgType = BTAdded EP-1
1393MarketReqIDMktReqIDYMust be unique, or the ID of previous Market Segment Request to disable if SubscriptionRequestType = Disable previous Snapshot + Updates Request(2).Added EP-1
263SubscriptionRequestTypeSubReqTypYAdded EP-1
1301MarketIDMktID Conditionally required if MarketSegmentID(1300) is specified on the requestAdded EP-1
1300MarketSegmentIDMktSegID Added EP-1
1325ParentMktSegmIDParentMktSegmID Specifies that the Market Segment is a sub segment of the Market Segment defined in this field.Added EP-1
ComponentStandardTrailerTrlrYAdded EP-1