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Indicates whether the trade or position was entered into as an intra-group transaction, i.e. between two units of the same parent entity having majority ownership interest in both counterparties.

In the context of EMIR this refers to Regulation (EU) 648/2012 Article 3 intragroup transactions section 1 which states: In relation to a non-financial counterparty, an intragroup transaction is an OTC derivative contract entered into with another counterparty which is part of the same group provided that both counterparties are included in the same consolidation on a full basis and they are subject to an appropriate centralised risk evaluation, measurement and control procedures and that counterparty is established in the Union or, if it is established in a third country, the Commission has adopted an implementing act under Article 13(2) in respect of that third country. Canada's similar requirement is under Appendix A to OSC Rule 91-507.

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