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Type of attribute(s) or characteristic(s) associated with the transaction.


Exclusive arrangement

In the context of securities borrowing and lending transaction, an indication of whether the borrower has exclusive access to borrow from the lender's securities portfolio. Not applicable to commodities. TransactionAttributeValue(2873) takes Y or N value.

Added EP254 [ExclusiveArrangement]

Collateral reuse

Indication of whether the collateral taker can reuse the securities provided as collateral for the transaction. TransactionAttributeValue(tbd2873) takes Y or N value.

Added EP254 [CollateralReuse]

Collateral arrangement type

In the context of securities financing transactions, indicates the type of collateral arrangement. For EU SFTR reporting, TransactionAttributeValue(2873) may take ESMA assigned values TTCA (title transfer), SICA (securities financial interest), or SIUR (securities financial interest with right of use).

Added EP254 [CollateralArrangmentType]
Added EP254

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