TagField NameXML NameData TypeUnion DatatypeDescriptionAddedDepr.Enums from tag
229TradeOriginationDate @OrignDtLocalMktDate

Used with Fixed Income for Muncipal New Issue Market. Agreement in principal between counter-parties prior to actual trade date.

(Note tag # was reserved in FIX 4.1, added in FIX 4.3)

(prior to FIX 4.4 field was of type UTCDate)

Added  FIX.4.2

Used in messages:
[AllocationInstruction] [AllocationReport] [ExecutionReport] [ListCancelRequest] [MultilegOrderCancelReplace] [NewOrderMultileg] [NewOrderSingle] [OrderCancelReject] [OrderCancelReplaceRequest]

Used in components:
[ListOrdGrp] [QuotReqGrp] [QuotReqRjctGrp] [SideCrossOrdCxlGrp] [SideCrossOrdModGrp]