TagField NameXML NameData TypeUnion DatatypeDescriptionAddedDepr.Enums from tag
64SettlDate @SettlDtLocalMktDate

Specific date of trade settlement (SettlementDate) in YYYYMMDD format.

If present, this field overrides SettlType (63). This field is required if the value of SettlType (63) is 6 (Future) or 8 (Sellers Option). This field must be omitted if the value of SettlType (63) is 7 (When and If Issued)

(expressed in local time at place of settlement)

Added  FIX.2.7

Used in messages:
[AllocationInstruction] [AllocationReport] [CollateralAssignment] [CollateralInquiry] [CollateralInquiryAck] [CollateralReport] [CollateralRequest] [CollateralResponse] [Confirmation] [CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest] [ExecutionReport] [MultilegOrderCancelReplace] [NewOrderCross] [NewOrderMultileg] [NewOrderSingle] [OrderCancelReplaceRequest] [Quote] [QuoteResponse] [QuoteStatusReport] [TradeCaptureReport]

Used in components:
[BidCompReqGrp] [BidCompRspGrp] [ListOrdGrp] [QuotEntryAckGrp] [QuotEntryGrp] [QuotReqGrp] [QuotReqRjctGrp]