TagField NameXML NameData TypeUnion DatatypeDescriptionAddedDepr.Enums from tag
725ResponseTransportType @RspTransportTypint

Identifies how the response to the request should be transmitted


Inband: transport the request was sent over (Default)

Added  FIX.4.4[Inband]

Out-of-Band: pre-arranged out of band delivery mechanism (i.e. FTP, HTTP, NDM, etc) between counterparties. Details specified via ResponseDestination (726).

Added  FIX.4.4[OutOfBand]
Added  FIX.4.4

Used in messages:
[CollateralInquiry] [CollateralInquiryAck] [RequestForPositions] [RequestForPositionsAck] [TradeCaptureReportAck] [TradeCaptureReportRequest] [TradeCaptureReportRequestAck]

Used in components: