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775BookingType @BkngTypint

Method for booking out this order. Used when notifying a broker that an order to be settled by that broker is to be booked out as an OTC derivative (e.g. CFD or similar).


Regular booking

Added  FIX.4.4[RegularBooking]

CFD (Contract For Difference)

Added  FIX.4.4[CFD]

Total return swap

Added  FIX.4.4[TotalReturnSwap]
Added  FIX.4.4

Used in messages:
[AllocationInstruction] [AllocationReport] [ExecutionReport] [MultilegOrderCancelReplace] [NewOrderMultileg] [NewOrderSingle] [OrderCancelReplaceRequest]

Used in components:
[ListOrdGrp] [SideCrossOrdModGrp]