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Pedigree Added EP77

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Field or ComponentField NameAbbr NameReq'dCommentsPedigree
37OrderIDOrdID Added EP77
198SecondaryOrderIDOrdID2 Added EP77
11ClOrdIDClOrdID In the case of quotes can be mapped to QuoteMsgID(1166) of a single Quote(MsgType=S) or QuoteID(117) of a MassQuote(MsgType=i).Added EP77 Updated EP95
526SecondaryClOrdIDClOrdID2 In the case of quotes can be mapped to QuoteID(117) of a single Quote(MsgType=S) or QuoteEntryID(299) of a MassQuote(MsgType=i).Added EP77 Updated EP95
66ListIDListID Added EP77
1080RefOrderIDRefOrdID Some hosts assign an order a new order id under special circumstances. The RefOrdID field will connect the same underlying order across changing OrderIDs.Added EP77
1081RefOrderIDSourceRefOrdIDSrc Added EP77
1431RefOrdIDReasonRefOrdIDRsn The reason for updating the RefOrdIDAdded EP77
ComponentRelatedOrderGrpReltdOrd Added EP259
1091PreTradeAnonymityPrTrdAnon Added EP101
40OrdTypeOrdTyp Order type from the order associated with the tradeAdded EP77
44PricePx Order price at time of tradeAdded EP77
99StopPxStopPx Stop/Limit order priceAdded EP77
18ExecInstExecInst Execution Instruction from the order associated with the tradeAdded EP77
39OrdStatusOrdStat Status of order as of this trade reportAdded EP77
ComponentOrderQtyDataOrdQty Order quantity at time of tradeAdded EP77
151LeavesQtyLeavesQty Added EP77
14CumQtyCumQty Added EP77
59TimeInForceTmInForce Added EP77
126ExpireTimeExpireTm The order expiration date/time in UTCAdded EP77
ComponentMatchingInstructionsMtchgInst Added EP99
2362SelfMatchPreventionIDSlfMtchPrvntnID May be used as an alternative to MatchingInstructions when the identifier does not appear in another field.Added EP211
2964SelfMatchPreventionInstructionSlfMtchPrvntnInst Added EP280
1629ExposureDurationExpsreDur The (minimum or suggested) period of time a quoted price is to be tradable before it becomes indicative. (i.e. quoted price becomes off-the-wire).Added EP100 Updated EP159
1916ExposureDurationUnitExpsreDurUnit Added EP159
ComponentDisplayInstructionDsplyInstr Added EP77
528OrderCapacityCpcty Added EP77
529OrderRestrictionsRstctions Added EP77
775BookingTypeBkngTyp Added EP78
1432OrigCustOrderCapacityOrigCustOrdCpcty Added EP77
1724OrderOriginationOrdOrigntn Added EP222
ComponentOrderAttributeGrpOrdAttrib Added EP222
2704ExDestinationTypeExDestTyp Added EP228
821OrderInputDeviceOrdInptDev Added EP77
1093LotTypeLotTyp Added EP77
483TransBkdTimeTransBkdTm Added EP77
586OrigOrdModTimeOrigOrdModTm Added EP77
2766OrderPercentOfTotalVolumeTotVolPct Added EP240

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