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This new block is a repeating group based on the existing block <PartyRiskLimitsGrp> with an additional field ListUpdateAction(1324) to support incremental changes of risk limit definitions. The group is part of the definition request as well as part of the update report for risk limits.

Pedigree Added EP128

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Field or ComponentField NameAbbr NameReq'dCommentsPedigree
Repeating Group 1677NoPartyRiskLimits  
1324ListUpdateActionListUpdActn Required if NoPartyRiskLimits(1677) > 0.Added EP128
ComponentPartyDetailGrpPtyDetl Conditionally required when ListUpdateAction(1324) = A(Add).
Conditionally required when ListUpdateAction(1324) = M(Modify) or D(Delete) and RiskLimitID(1670) is not provided.
Added EP128
ComponentRiskLimitsGrpRiskLmt Conditionally required when ListUpdateAction(1324) = A(Add) or M(Modify).Added EP128
1670RiskLimitIDRiskLmtID Conditionally required when PartyDetailGrp component is not provided.Added EP128
2339RiskLimitCheckModelTypeChkModelTyp Added EP171
2355PartyRiskLimitStatusPtyRiskLmtStat Added EP214
end Repeating Group

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