FIX.Latest_EP272 Component



The PriceRangeRulesGrp component is used to specify the price range rules for a given product group or complex.

Pedigree Added EP195

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Field or ComponentField NameAbbr NameReq'dCommentsPedigree
Repeating Group 2550NoPriceRangeRules Added EP195
2551StartPriceRangeStartPxRng Required if NoPriceRangeRules(2550) > 0.Added EP195
2552EndPriceRangeEndPxRng Added EP195
2553PriceRangeValuePxRngValu Mutually exclusive with PriceRangePercentage(2554).Added EP195
2554PriceRangePercentagePxRngPctage Mutually exclusive with PriceRangeValue(2553).Added EP195
2556PriceRangeRuleIDPxRngRuleID Can be used to provide an identifier so that the rule can be reference via the ID elsewhere.Added EP195
2555PriceRangeProductComplexPxRngProdCmplx Can be used to limit price range to specific product suite.Added EP195
end Repeating Group

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