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Field or ComponentField NameAbbr NameReq'dCommentsPedigree
Repeating Group 386NoTradingSessions Added EP-1
336TradingSessionIDSesIDYIdentifier for Trading SessionAdded EP-1
625TradingSessionSubIDSesSub Added EP-1
1327TradSesUpdateActionTradSesUpdtActn Added EP94
207SecurityExchangeExch Added EP-1 Deprecated FIX.5.0SP1
1301MarketIDMktID Market for which Trading Session appliesAdded EP-1
1300MarketSegmentIDMktSegID Market Segment for which Trading Session appliesAdded EP-1
1326TradingSessionDescTradingSessionDesc Added EP-1
338TradSesMethodMethod Method of TradingAdded EP-1
339TradSesModeMode Trading Session ModeAdded EP-1
325UnsolicitedIndicatorUnsol Y if message is sent unsolicited as a result of a previous subscription request.Added EP-1
340TradSesStatusStatYState of trading session.Added EP-1
567TradSesStatusRejReasonStatRejRsn Used with TradSesStatus = Request RejectedAdded EP-1
341TradSesStartTimeStartTm Starting time of trading sessionAdded EP-1
342TradSesOpenTimeOpenTm Time of the opening of the trading sessionAdded EP-1
343TradSesPreCloseTimePreClsTm Time of pre-close of trading sessionAdded EP-1
344TradSesCloseTimeClsTm Closing time of trading sessionAdded EP-1
345TradSesEndTimeEndTm End time of trading sessionAdded EP-1
387TotalVolumeTradedTotVolTrdd Added EP-1
ComponentTradingSessionRulesTrdgSesRules Insert here the set of TradingSessionRules fields defined in common components of application messagesAdded EP-1
60TransactTimeTxnTm Added EP94
58TextTxt Added EP-1
354EncodedTextLenEncTxtLen Must be set if EncodedText field is specified and must immediately precede it.Added EP-1
355EncodedTextEncTxt Encoded (non-ASCII characters) representation of the Text field in the encoded format specified via the MessageEncoding field.Added EP-1
end Repeating Group

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