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Trading rules that are applicable to a market, market segment or individual security independent of a trading session.

Pedigree Added EP-1 Updated EP195

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Field or ComponentField NameAbbr NameReq'dCommentsPedigree
ComponentTickRulesTickRules Specifies price tick rules for the security.Added EP-1 Updated EP195
ComponentLotTypeRulesLotTypeRules Specifies the lot types that are valid for trading.Added EP-1
ComponentPriceLimitsPxLmts Specifies the price limits that are valid for trading.Added EP-1
ComponentPriceRangeRuleGrpPxRngRule Specifies the valid price range tables for trading.Added EP195
ComponentQuoteSizeRuleGrpQteSzRule Specifies the valid quote sizes for trading.Added EP195
827ExpirationCycleExpirationCycle Added EP-1
1786TradeVolTypeTrdVolTyp Added EP130 Updated EP195
562MinTradeVolMinTrdVol Added EP-1 Updated EP195
1140MaxTradeVolMaxTrdVol For listed derivatives this indicates the minimum quantity necessary for an order or trade to qualify as a block trade.Added EP-1 Updated EP195
1143MaxPriceVariationMxPxVar Added EP-1 Updated EP195
1144ImpliedMarketIndicatorImpldMktInd Added EP-1
1245TradingCurrencyTrdCcy Added EP-1 Updated EP195
2934TradingCurrencyCodeSourceTrdCcySrc Added EP273
561RoundLotRndLot Added EP-1 Updated EP195
1377MultilegModelMlegModel Used for multileg security only.Added EP-1 Updated EP195
1378MultilegPriceMethodMlegPxMeth Used for multileg security only.Added EP-1 Updated EP195
423PriceTypePxTyp Defines the default price type used for trading.Added EP-1 Updated EP195
2557FastMarketPercentageFastMktPctage Can be used as a factor to be applied to other base trading rules during a fast market, e.g. to widen price or size ranges by the specified percentage factor.Added EP195
2559QuoteSideIndicatorQuotSideInd Added EP195

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