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Pedigree Added FIX.5.0

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Field or ComponentField NameAbbr NameReq'dCommentsPedigree
Repeating Group 1165NoSettlOblig Number of Settlement Obligations 
430NetGrossIndNetGrossInd Added FIX.5.0
1161SettlObligIDSettlID Unique ID for this settlement instructionAdded FIX.5.0
1162SettlObligTransTypeSettlTransTyp New, Replace, Cancel, or RestateAdded FIX.5.0
1163SettlObligRefIDSettlRefID Required where SettlObligTransType(1162) is Cancel or Replace. The SettlObligID(1161) of the settlement obligation being canceled or replaced.Added FIX.5.0
1157CcyAmtCcyAmt Net flow of currency 1Added FIX.5.0
119SettlCurrAmtSettlCurrAmt Net flow of currency 2Added FIX.5.0
15CurrencyCcy Currency 1 in the stated currency pair, the dealt currencyAdded FIX.5.0
120SettlCurrencySettlCcy Currency 2 in the stated currency pair, the contra currencyAdded FIX.5.0
155SettlCurrFxRateSettlCurrFxRt Derived rate of Ccy2 per Ccy1 based on nettingAdded FIX.5.0
64SettlDateSettlDt Value DateAdded FIX.5.0
ComponentInstrumentInstrmt Used to express the instrument in which settlement is taking placeAdded FIX.5.0
ComponentPartiesPty Added FIX.5.0
168EffectiveTimeEfctvTm Effective (start) date/time for this settlement instructionAdded FIX.5.0
126ExpireTimeExpireTm Termination date/time for this settlement instruction.Added FIX.5.0
779LastUpdateTimeLastUpdateTm Date/time this settlement instruction was last updated (or created if not updated since creation).Added FIX.5.0
ComponentSettlDetailsSettlDetails Conveys settlement account details reported as part of obligationAdded FIX.5.0
end Repeating Group

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