FIX.Latest_EP288 Message

AllocationReportAck [type 'AT']


The Allocation Report Ack message is used to acknowledge the receipt of and provide status for an Allocation Report message.

Pedigree Added FIX.4.4

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Field or ComponentField NameAbbr NameReq'dCommentsPedigree
ComponentStandardHeaderHdrYMsgType = ATAdded FIX.4.4
755AllocReportIDRptIDYAdded FIX.4.4
70AllocIDID Added FIX.4.4 Updated EP95
2758AllocRequestIDReqID May be used to link to a previously submitted AllocationInstructionAlertRequest(35=DU) message.Added EP241
715ClearingBusinessDateBizDt Indicates Clearing Business Date for which transaction will be settled.Added EP-1
819AvgPxIndicatorAvgPxInd Indicates if an allocation is to be average priced. Is also used to indicate if average price allocation group is complete or incomplete.Added EP-1
53QuantityQty Added EP-1
71AllocTransTypeTransTyp Added EP-1
ComponentInstrumentInstrmt Added EP192
ComponentPartiesPty Added FIX.4.4 Updated EP192
793SecondaryAllocIDID2 Optional second identifier for the allocation report being acknowledged (need not be unique)Added FIX.4.4
1730AllocGroupIDGrpID Group identifier assigned by the clearinghouseAdded EP118
1728FirmGroupIDFirmGrpID Firm assigned entity identifier for the allocationAdded EP118
1731AvgPxGroupIDAvgPxGrpID Firm designated group identifier for average pricingAdded EP118
75TradeDateTrdDt Added FIX.4.4
60TransactTimeTxnTm Date/Time Allocation Report Ack generatedAdded FIX.4.4
87AllocStatusStat Denotes the status of the allocation report; received (but not yet processed), rejected (at block or account level) or accepted (and processed).
AllocStatus will be conditionally required in a 2-party model when used by a counterparty to convey a change in status. It will be optional in a 3-party model in which only the central counterparty may issue the status of an allocation
Added FIX.4.4
88AllocRejCodeRejCode Required for AllocStatus = 1 ( block level reject) and for AllocStatus 2 (account level reject) if the individual accounts and reject reasons are not provided in this messageAdded FIX.4.4
794AllocReportTypeRptTyp Added FIX.4.4
808AllocIntermedReqTypeImReqTyp Required if AllocReportType = 8 (Request to Intermediary)
Indicates status that is requested to be transmitted to counterparty by the intermediary (i.e. clearing house)
Added FIX.4.4
573MatchStatusMtchStat Denotes whether the financial details provided on the Allocation Report were successfully matched.Added FIX.4.4
1031CustOrderHandlingInstCustOrdHdlInst Added EP133
1032OrderHandlingInstSourceOrdHndlInstSrc Added EP133
58TextTxt Can include explanation for AllocRejCode = 7 (other)Added FIX.4.4
354EncodedTextLenEncTxtLen Must be set if EncodedText(355) field is specified and must immediately precede it.Added FIX.4.4 Updated EP192
355EncodedTextEncTxt Encoded (non-ASCII characters) representation of the Text(58) field in the encoded format specified via the MessageEncoding(347) field.Added FIX.4.4 Updated EP192
1328RejectTextRejTxt Added EP192
1664EncodedRejectTextLenEncRejTxtLen EncodedRejectText(1665) field is specified and must immediately precede it.Added EP192
1665EncodedRejectTextEncRejTxt Encoded (non-ASCII characters) representation of the RejectText(1328) field in the encoded format specified via the MessageEncoding(347) field.Added EP192
ComponentRegulatoryTradeIDGrpRegTrdID Added EP192
ComponentAllocAckGrpAllocAck This repeating group is optionally used for messages with AllocStatus = 2 (account level reject) to provide details of the individual accounts that caused the rejection, together with reject reasons. This group should not be populated where AllocStatus has any other value.
Indicates number of allocation groups to follow.
Added FIX.4.4