FIX.Latest_EP288 Message

NewOrderList [type 'E']


The NewOrderList Message can be used in one of two ways depending on which market conventions are being followed.

Pedigree Added FIX.2.7

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Field or ComponentField NameAbbr NameReq'dCommentsPedigree
ComponentStandardHeaderHdrYMsgType = EAdded FIX.2.7
66ListIDIDYMust be unique, by customer, for the dayAdded FIX.2.7
390BidIDBidID Should refer to an earlier program if bidding took place.Added FIX.4.2
391ClientBidIDClBidID Added FIX.4.2
414ProgRptReqsProgRptReqs Added FIX.4.2
394BidTypeBidTypYe.g. Non Disclosed Model, Disclosed Model, No Bidding ProcessAdded FIX.4.2
415ProgPeriodIntervalProgPeriodIntvl Added FIX.4.2
480CancellationRightsCxllationRights For CIV - OptionalAdded FIX.4.3
481MoneyLaunderingStatusMnyLaunderingStat Added FIX.4.3
513RegistIDRegistID Reference to Registration Instructions message applicable to all Orders in this List.Added FIX.4.3
433ListExecInstTypeListExecInstTyp Controls when execution should begin For CIV Orders indicates order of execution.Added FIX.4.2 Updated EP282
69ListExecInstListExecInst Free-form text.Added FIX.2.7
1385ContingencyTypeContingencyType Used for contingency orders.Added EP-1
352EncodedListExecInstLenEncListExecInstLen Must be set if EncodedListExecInst field is specified and must immediately precede it.Added FIX.4.2
353EncodedListExecInstEncListExecInst Encoded (non-ASCII characters) representation of the ListExecInst field in the encoded format specified via the MessageEncoding field.Added FIX.4.2
765AllowableOneSidednessPctAOSPct The maximum percentage that execution of one side of a program trade can exceed execution of the other.Added FIX.4.4
766AllowableOneSidednessValueAOSValu The maximum amount that execution of one side of a program trade can exceed execution of the other.Added FIX.4.4
767AllowableOneSidednessCurrAOSCurr The currency that AllowableOneSidedness is expressed in if AllowableOneSidednessValue is used.Added FIX.4.4
2401ListManualOrderIndicatorListManOrdInd Added EP182
68TotNoOrdersTotNoOrdsYUsed to support fragmentation. Sum of NoOrders across all messages with the same ListID.Added FIX.2.7
893LastFragmentLastFragment Indicates whether this is the last fragment in a sequence of message fragments. Only required where message has been fragmented.Added FIX.4.4
ComponentRootPartiesPty Insert here the set of Root Parties fields defined in common components of application messages Used for acting parties that applies to the whole message, not individual orders.Added EP-1
ComponentListOrdGrpOrdYNumber of orders in this message (number of repeating groups to follow)Added FIX.4.4