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PartyRiskLimitCheckRequest [type 'DF']


PartyRiskLimitCheckRequest is used to request for approval of credit or risk limit amount intended to be used by a party in a transaction from another party that holds the information.

Pedigree Added EP171

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Field or ComponentField NameAbbr NameReq'dCommentsPedigree
ComponentStandardHeaderHdrYMsgType=DEAdded EP171
2318RiskLimitCheckRequestIDChkReqID Either RiskLimitCheckRequestID(2318) or RiskLimitCheckID(2319) must be specified. RiskLimitCheckRequestID(2318) is conditionally required in a message-chaining model in which a subsequent message may refer to a prior message via RiskLimitCheckRequestRefID(2322). The alternative is an entity-based model in which RiskLimitCheckID(2319) is used to statically identify a given request. In this case RiskLimitCheckID(2319) is required and RiskLimitRequestID(1666) can be optionally specified.Added EP171
2319RiskLimitCheckIDLmtChkID Either RiskLimitCheckRequestID(2318) or RiskLimitCheckID(2319) must be specified.Added EP171
2320RiskLimitCheckTransTypeTransTypYAdded EP171
2321RiskLimitCheckTypeChkTypYAdded EP171
2322RiskLimitCheckRequestRefIDReqRefID Conditionally required when RiskLimitCheckTransType(2320) = 1 (Cancel) or 2 (Replace), and message-chaining model is used.Added EP171
1080RefOrderIDRefOrdID Used to specify the transaction reference for this limit check request.Added EP171
1081RefOrderIDSourceRefOrdIDSrc Identifies the type of reference specified in RefOrderID(1080) for this limit check request.Added EP171
2323RiskLimitCheckRequestTypeChkReqTyp Added EP171
2324RiskLimitCheckAmountLmtChkAmt Specifies the amount being requested or consumed, as indicated by RiskLimitCheckType(2321).Added EP171
15CurrencyCcy Added EP171
2897CurrencyCodeSourceCcySrc Added EP273
1670RiskLimitIDRiskLmtID Added EP171
ComponentRequestingPartyGrpReqPty May be used to identify the party making the limit check request and their role.Added EP171
ComponentPartiesPty May be used to specify the trading party on which the limit check request is for. Each request is for a single trading party and the specified transaction reference.Added EP171
ComponentRelatedPartyDetailGrpReltdPtyDetl Added EP171
ComponentInstrumentInstrmt Added EP171
ComponentLegOrdGrpOrd Added EP171