FIX.Latest_EP269 Message

QuoteRequest [type 'R']


In some markets it is the practice to request quotes from brokers prior to placement of an order. The quote request message is used for this purpose. This message is commonly referred to as an Request For Quote (RFQ)

Pedigree Added FIX.4.0

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Field or ComponentField NameAbbr nameReq'dCommentsPedigree
ComponentStandardHeaderBaseHeaderYMsgType = RAdded FIX.4.0
131QuoteReqIDReqIDYAdded FIX.4.0
644RFQReqIDRFQReqID For tradeable quote model - used to indicate to which RFQ Request this Quote Request is in response.Added FIX.4.3
11ClOrdIDClOrdID Required only in two party models when QuoteType(537) = '1' (Tradeable) and the OrdType(40) = '2' (Limit).Added FIX.4.4
775BookingTypeBkngTyp Added EP78
528OrderCapacityCpcty Added FIX.4.4
529OrderRestrictionsRstctions Added EP78
1171PrivateQuotePrvtQt Used to indicate whether a private negotiation is requested or if the response should be public. Only relevant in markets supporting both Private and Public quotes. If field is not provided in message, the model used must be bilaterally agreed.Added FIX.5.0
1172RespondentTypeRspdntTyp Added FIX.5.0
1091PreTradeAnonymityPrTrdAnon Added FIX.5.0
ComponentRootPartiesPty Insert here the set of Root Parties fields defined in common components of application messages Used for acting parties that applies to the whole message, not individual legs, sides, etc..Added FIX.5.0
ComponentQuotReqGrpQuotReqYNumber of related symbols (instruments) in RequestAdded FIX.4.4