FIX.Latest_EP276 Message

IOI [type '6']


Indication of interest messages are used to market merchandise which the broker is buying or selling in either a proprietary or agency capacity. The indications can be time bound with a specific expiration value. Indications are distributed with the understanding that other firms may react to the message first and that the merchandise may no longer be available due to prior trade.

Indication messages can be transmitted in various transaction types; NEW, CANCEL, and REPLACE. All message types other than NEW modify the state of the message identified in IOIRefID.

Pedigree Added FIX.2.7

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Field or ComponentField NameAbbr NameReq'dCommentsPedigree
ComponentStandardHeaderHdrYMsgType = 6Added FIX.2.7
ComponentApplicationSequenceControlApplSeqCtrl Added EP-1
28IOITransTypeTransTypYAdded FIX.2.7
26IOIRefIDRefID Required for Cancel and Replace IOITransType messagesAdded FIX.2.7
ComponentInstrumentInstrmtYInsert here the set of Instrument (symbology) fields defined in Common Components of Application MessagesAdded FIX.4.3
ComponentInstrumentExtensionInstrmtExt Added EP201
ComponentPartiesPty Insert here the set of Parties (firm identification) fields defined in Common Components of Application Messages.Added EP-1
ComponentFinancingDetailsFinDetls Insert here the set of FinancingDetails (symbology) fields defined in Common Components of Application MessagesAdded FIX.4.4
ComponentUndInstrmtGrpUndly Number of underlyingsAdded F