FIX.Latest_EP290 Message

PositionReport [type 'AP']


The Position Report message is returned by the holder of a position in response to a Request for Position message. The purpose of the message is to report all aspects of a position and may be provided on a standing basis to report end of day positions to an owner.

Pedigree Added FIX.4.4

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Field or ComponentField NameAbbr NameReq'dCommentsPedigree
ComponentStandardHeaderHdrYMsgType = APAdded FIX.4.4
ComponentApplicationSequenceControlApplSeqCtrl Added EP-1
721PosMaintRptIDRptIDYUnique identifier for this position reportAdded FIX.4.4
2618PositionIDPosID Unique identifier for this position entity.Added EP199
710PosReqIDReqID Unique identifier for the Request for Positions associated with this report
This field should not be provided if the report was sent unsolicited.
Added FIX.4.4
724PosReqTypeReqTyp Will be 7=Net Position if the report contains net position information for margin requirements.Added FIX.4.4 Updated EP102
2364PosReportActionActn Added EP179
1635MarginReqmtInqIDID Unique identifier for the inquiry associated with this report. This field should not be provided if the report was sent unsolicited.Added EP102
263SubscriptionRequestTypeSubReqTyp Used to subscribe / unsubscribe for trade capture reports
If the field is absent, the value 0 will be the default
Added FIX.4.4
727TotalNumPosReportsTotRpts Total number of Position Reports being returnedAdded FIX.4.4 Deprecated EP102
911TotNumReportsTotNumRpts Added EP102
912LastRptRequestedLastRptReqed Added EP102
728PosReqResultRslt Result of a Request for PositionAdded FIX.4.4 Updated EP102
325UnsolicitedIndicatorUnsol Set to 'Y' if message is sent as a result of a subscription request or out of band configuration as opposed to a Position Request.Added FIX.4.4
1934RegulatoryReportTypeRegRptTyp Added EP254
2869RegulatoryReportTypeBusinessDateRegRptTypBizDt May be used when the business event date differs from when the regulatory report is actually being submitted (typically specified in TrdRegTimestamps component).Added EP254
ComponentTransactionAttributeGrpTxnAttrb Added EP254
ComponentTrdRegTimestampsTrdRegTS Added EP254
715ClearingBusinessDateBizDtYThe Clearing Business Date referred to by this maintenance requestAdded FIX.4.4
2084PreviousClearingBusinessDatePrevBizDt The business date previous to the clearing business date referred to by this maintenance request.Added EP162
2870ClearingPortfolioIDClrPrtflioID Added EP254
716SettlSessIDSetSesID Added FIX.4.4
717SettlSessSubIDSetSesSub Added FIX.4.4
423PriceTypePxTyp Added EP-1
120SettlCurrencySettlCcy Added EP-1
2899SettlCurrencyCodeSourceSettlCcySrc Added EP273
1011MessageEventSourceMsgEvtSrc Used to identify the event or source which gave rise to a messageAdded EP-1
1832ClearedIndicatorClrd Added EP140
1833ContractRefPosTypeConRefPosTyp Added EP140
1834PositionCapacityPosCpcty Added EP140
2101TerminatedIndicatorTrmtdInd Added EP162
2878TerminationDateTmntnDt Added EP254
2373IntraFirmTradeIndicatorIntraFirmTrdInd Added EP179
1937TradeContinuationTrdContntn Added EP179
2374TradeContinuationTextTrdContntnTxt Added EP179
2372EncodedTradeContinuationTextLenEncTrdContntnTextLen Must be set if EncodedTradeContinuationText(2371) field is specified and must immediately precede it.Added EP179
2371EncodedTradeContinuationTextEncTrdContntnText Encoded (non-ASCII characters) representation of the TradeContinuationText(2374) field in the encoded format specified via the MessageEncoding(347) field.Added EP179
1936TradeCollateralizationTrdCollztn Added EP179
ComponentPartiesPtyYPosition AccountAdded FIX.4.4
1AccountAcct Account may also be specified through via Parties Block using Party Role 27 which signifies AccountAdded FIX.4.4
660AcctIDSourceAcctIDSrc Added FIX.4.4
581AccountTypeAcctTyp Type of account associated with the order (Origin). Account may also be specified through via Parties Block using Party Role 27 which signifies AccountAdded FIX.4.4
2375TaxonomyTypeTxnmyTyp Added EP179
ComponentInstrumentInstrmt Added FIX.4.4
ComponentFinancingDetailsFinDetls Added EP179